Geolea resistance workout bands

Geolea is a set of 3 loop circles bands that you can use on different body parts to activate and shape different muscles.

Strong bands

The bands are made from high- quality material. They are great for different exercises. They are strong and durable and they do not roll up.

Geolea set

Great Set

Geolea’s set comes with 3 strong, non- rolling bands, carrying case and workout guide included. Each band is different and you can use them to do various different exercises. Each band offers different resistance levels

Maximize your workout

Our bands are designed to increase resistance at the pace that suits you most. They help build muscle and increase strength. These bands were made to assist you.

High- quality

These bands are really strong and they were made from high- quality material so that they last longer. Whether you do heavy training, yoga, pilates, leg day workout - these bands will hold up against any workout.

Great for any level athlete

The set includes 3 different bands for a simple reason- so you can use at any point and according to your needs. The largest band has lowest resistance. The medium one offers medium resistance and the smallest band has higher resistance.

More great features

Great for different exercises

You can easily use the different bands for a range of workout. You can use the bands to do warm ups, stretching out, strength techniques, to build muscles, and more.

Focus on different body parts

These bands allow you to focus on proper form while performing different exercises. They are super comfortable and do not dig in, roll, or break while around your legs or arms.

About our product

  • High- durability design

  • Made of cotton and latex blend

  • Portable compact carrying case

  • Non-roll up gripping surface

  • Perform different workouts

  • Carry bag included

Price: €30.99

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